Yoga Poses for Pudendal Nerve Compression


Yoga Poses for Pudendal Nerve Compression. Part of the series: LS – Yoga Tips & More. Common symptoms of pudendal nerve pain or cyclist syndrome include a shortening and contracting of the muscles that line and support the pelvic floor – the hips, buttocks and thigh mainly. Find out about yoga poses for pudendal nerve compression with help from an experienced yoga professional in this free video clip. Read more:



  1. Are you kidding me !!! Legging ad before the video … That's just cruel !!! 😔 mine was caused from birth so my effected area would definitely not benefit from wearing tight spandex yoga pants shoving them into my personals … 😐 scrapping this idea … I was hoping I didn't have to think about nerve block after 3 years of excrutiating pain …. but if this is the other option … maybe that and surgery is my only option ( kinda bummed )

  2. Hi there. i have numbness in my scrotum and penis since i was sitting on the border of the bed and chairs for 10 to 12 hours on computer so one day i developed numbness suddenly in my penis so i got up immediately  and manipulated my penis the sensitivity came back but after fe w days again i lost sensitivity and till now since 2 years my penis is numb i believe somewhere nerve compression like pudendal nerve. i need some exercises please i have errections but not very good and when i do intercourse i feel intence pain at the circumcision ring and i only feel pain upon mastrubation at the level of prostate. no tste at the tip of penis, kindly help me thanks indeed

  3. Rah is for this…..I do these all the time. The stretches are so important. I was not a cyclist. I was an avid gardener who raked up 50 bags of leaves every Fall, I had a job for 32 years where I stooped over my groin every day at work, I skied, I was a gymnast and an avid hiker. Somehow, the inferior rectal nerve branch of my pudendal nerve became trapped/ pinched between ligaments. The ligaments were overused and overstretched and they juxtaposed. I almost died but got the decompression surgery I needed just on time.

  4. Hi there , I am suffering from penile numbness and poor errections i need your help. the problem started from prolonged sitting in odd position the back bent back and head and neck forwarded ahmed fro computing for 10 to 12 hours a day fro months, one day I felt numbness in my penis so stood up immediately and manipulated my penis with hands the sensitivity came back immediately but after a few days the numbness reappeared for longer and now it has been one year my penis is numb the cock and scrotum, i felt some electricity current like in my perineum area in my inner thighs  one day and i lost my sensitivity in the cock, now i have errections but less, i need your help , i think this is pudendal nerve problem or perineal nerve issue, kindly help me in this, shall be grateful indeed. i do some exercises but no improvement. thanks

  5. pourrait on avoir une tradu tion en français pour tous les documents concernant la nevralgie pudendale.
    opérée à Nates en 2014 il me reste encore des douleurs le soir et l impossibilité de rester assise.
    Le pfr avait trouvé le nerf laminé je me plaignais depuis 20 ans!,,,,

  6. How long should we hold these poses and how many repetitions? Should the exercises be done more than once a day? Also should the area be iced afterwards? I have severe pain when sitting and my job requires sitting at the computer 8-10 hours a day. Help, please!


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