Yoga to release the hips & hamstrings (15min)


An excellent practice to encourage the hamstrings and hips to let go and lengthen.

Produced by Paula Lay & Mischa Baka

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  1. Good morning Paula, I just did this routine after my glute workout this morning! Amazing class! Glutes, hams, and legs feel so good! Thank you so much always for all your classes! Have a wonderful and blessed day! 🙂

  2. you're so awesome. your practice and teaching is super grounded which is so necessary for me. i have a 22 mo and a 4 mo (i THINK we were preggers at similar times at least once lol) . i love your prenatal and post natal and often use your lessons as a spring board for my yoga students(been teaching for 6 years in NY and NJ). thank you and please keep sharing -you are truly one of a kind!

  3. I found this quite difficult — all that moving of legs back and forth … maybe I lack upper body strength and lower back flexibility? Is there a slightly easier hip opening sequence? I love your upper back work! Thanks in advance …

  4. This was a great routine!! Can’t wait to do some of your other videos!! Can I put in a request for a yoga routine to balance glands and hormones (female focused hormones)?

  5. Thank you, yoginimelbourne! I've found my niche in your wonderful array of applications to meet the needs of us who find goodness in asana. I did a 10 mile hike, with lots of big elevation changes this past weekend, and this set and sequence allowed me to connect with the tightness, release and stretch of those muscles that did so much work. Feels. So. Good. Thanks, again!

  6. Another of your postnatal videos was shared with me due to my stiff hips post childbirth. I like how gently you treat your body when switching poses. I need to be more mindful of that.


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