Yoga Workout for Buttocks – Yoga for Glutes – Yoga Poses for Bigger Buttocks


For Workout details, calorie burn and individual moves:
Sculpt a lifted booty with these yoga poses. Who doesn’t want flat, firm, and fabulous abs?! How about a rounded, lifted, and trim booty? We know these problem areas can be tough to tackle, so we’re doing it all in one session with this sculpting and slimming routine. Reach your goals quicker and more effectively by adding this workout to your weekly rotation! 165-215 calories.

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  1. Love this but what if you don't want to lose weight and just want the stronger and bigger glutes? Should I skip some of the abs? I need core strength but get heat rash from sweaty workouts and found that this got a little sweaty!

  2. That is a fantastic workout I cannot wait to try it later. thank you ! is there a workout for strong quads or is this not something usual in Yoga? thanks again you explain each exercise beautifully. Viki


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