Detox dietDetoxing diets, even short ones, are a great way to feel healthy and full of energy in just a short amount of time. Plenty of short, 3 day detox plans will give you quick results; to make them even more effective, be sure to include yogurt in your diet.

Yogurt is packed with healthy, essential nutrients such as calcium and protein. Research has demonstrated that the probiotics which are naturally present in yogurt boost the immune system while also promoting a healthy digestive tract, an essential aspect of detoxes. Furthermore, various studies carried out over a vast period of time have shown that regularly consuming yogurt protects from weight gain, as well as from heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The calcium present in yogurt – which in Greek yogurt can represent up to 25% of the average necessary daily calcium intake – has also been linked to weight loss and good bone health.    

The Nutritional Value of Yogurt 

Yogurt is a nutrient dense food which represents an optimal addition to any diet. Detoxes in particular, if not done properly, can be lacking in essential nutrients such as protein and calcium. In order to stay healthy, adults need from 45 to 55 grams of protein every day (depending on height, weight and gender). Adults also need from 800 to 1,500 milligrams of calcium a day in order to maintain adequate bone health. 

Four servings of yogurt every day, added to a any detox diet, would ensure that you meet both your protein goals and your dairy goals. As an added benefit, some studies have even shown that yogurt also helps with certain conditions such as lactose intolerance, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and constipation.  

How to Make Your Own Yogurt

Yogurt is a wonderfully cheap, nutritious food that you can purchase anywhere; however, if you are looking to lower costs, investing in a yogurt maker and learning to make your own yogurt could be a great choice. As well as saving money, this will also allow you to have more control on the quality of your yogurt. 

In order to make your own yogurt, all you need is a yogurt maker, milk and a few spoonfuls of pre-made yogurt. Yogurt makers are cheap and, in any case, pay for themselves very quickly. Yogurt can’t be made without live cultures and bacteria (the two choices are thermophilic and mesophilic bacteria), so this is where the pre-made yogurt comes in. Pre-made yogurt contains the bacteria you need to make your own yogurt; all you need to do is combine the milk and yogurt in the yogurt maker, press a button, and wait for a few hours.

You can experiment with different types of milk, such as goat milk, cow milk, sheep milk and plant based milk, in order to achieve different tastes and consistencies. Furthermore, by straining your freshly made yogurt, you can also make Greek yogurt. 

How to Incorporate Yogurt in Your Detox Diet

In order to make yogurt an effective addition to your detox, look for yogurt which doesn’t contain added sugar but contains a reasonable quantity of protein. Plant based yogurt usually does not contain as much protein as milk based yogurt. Milk based yogurt should be preferred and can generally even be consumed if you are lactose intolerant. Yogurt with live active cultures or probiotics contains bacteria which eat most of the lactose, therefore making it an adequate choice. 

Greek yogurt, in particular, as well as being rich in probiotics, can also contain up to 20 grams of protein per regular sized carton.  You should continue to eat yogurt regularly even after your detox is over; the protein yogurt contains is necessary for good health and, as an added bonus, it keeps your skin and hair healthy and growing. Yogurt is therefore a great addition to any diet regime, and can really help you reach your protein goals while detoxing. 

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